At ChristianaCare, we are committed to providing affordable, high-quality care that is valued by the neighbors we serve. We are proud to make the pricing for our highest volume services available. For a complete list of our services, see our Chargemaster. Our Customer Service Department is happy to assist you with additional information specific to your needs. Our team is available Monday through Friday at 302-623-7440 to answer your questions and assist with quotes.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services  (CMS) requires providers to publish the pricing for 300 shoppable services.  Some of the 300 services were named by CMS and others were considered shoppable by CCHS because they are high volume services provided  by our organization. Rather than list these services on one listing, we have  broken them down into the following seven categories for ease of your review. 

Evaluation and Visit Charges-Hospital and Physician

The level of care assigned to your physician visit is based upon CPT coding guidelines and the care provided during your visit. The prices posted are for ChristianaCare employed physicians. The prices for physician services will vary based upon the level of service and the physician’s specialty. This site does not provide pricing for private, community physicians who may participate in your care during your visit. The level of care assigned to your emergency room visit will be based upon the guidelines issued by the American College of Emergency Physicians. ChristianaCare’s Emergency Department will charge our patients for the Hospital component of the visit while the emergency room physicians will separately bill our patients for their component of the service. Any additional services provided by specialty or consulting physicians will be billed separately.

This listing is only for the visit charge. Although many patients receive bills with just the charge for the visit, there are instances where diagnostic testing, procedures, labs, and pharmaceutical charges will result in additional charges. You may find the charge associated with additional services by going to our Chargemaster.

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Outpatient Lab and Pathology-Hospital

For ease of your review, we have provided you with the pricing of our most frequently performed laboratory tests on our attached listing. Additional services can be found on our OP Lab listing. Any test not found in this listing can be found on the all-inclusive chargemaster.

Facts about the Value of our Laboratory Services

  • Our laboratory goals are to provide efficient, high quality care in a timely manner, and to assure accurate results.
  • Patient experience: 89% of our patients gave our staff highest marks (5 out of 5) for their skill, and 86% would recommend our services to family & friends
  • Outpatient laboratory services are offered at eight locations.
  • Over 3.5 million tests are completed annually.
  • ChristianaCare's Laboratory Services are fully accredited by The Joint Commission.

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Outpatient Radiology Services-Hospital

Please note that most radiology services have both a professional and a facility charge associated with them. ChristianaCare bills for both the facility and the physician so the “Charge Type” column identifies the facility charge as “Hospital” and the physician charge as “Physician” for both the test and the interpretation/report. We have provided some of our most common radiology services below, additional services can be found on our Top Outpatient Radiology Tests listing or the all-inclusive chargemaster listing.

Facts about Value of our Radiology Services

  • As Delaware's premier imaging resource, our goal is to provide high quality, accurate and timely diagnostic testing, using the most advanced imaging technologies at a competitive cost.
  • Our caregivers include expert specialists including board certified radiologists, diagnostic radiologists and neuroradiologists.
  • Over 419,000 imaging services are provided annually across 16 locations, including:
    • X-Rays.
    • CT.
    • MRI — advanced, high-field, open, MRI scanners at 2 locations.
    • Ultrasound.
    • Mammography.
  • Diagnostic imaging is fully accredited by the American College of Radiology.

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Outpatient Surgical Services-Hospital

The information in this section is the average charge amount for our top outpatient surgical procedures, but also includes other procedure considered “shoppable” by the Medicare program. The charge amount noted next to each of these codes represents the average charges associated with cases where this is the only operative procedure. It does not include any professional charges from providers such as Anesthesiologists, NPs, attending physicians and surgeons. These charges purely represent the facility-related charges billed by the HOSPITAL. You will receive separate bills for the professional services provided. Your services will be based upon your specific needs and could be higher or lower than our published average. Additional pricing information can be obtained for other Outpatient Surgeries (link to complete listing).

Please remember that the information provided is just an estimate, your charges may be higher or lower based upon your individual needs.

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Outpatient Medical Services-Hospital

Therapy services are charged based upon the evaluation, services, or exercises that are provided. Many of the therapy billing codes are identified as "per 15 minute" codes requiring that the hospital bill a quantity of 1 for each 15 minutes of service provided. An exercise service lasting 30 minutes would be billed with a quantity of 2. Please be aware of your insurance company’s requirements for authorization and coverage of these services.

Injection services are charged per each administration that is given. Infusion services are charged by the hour. An infusion lasting for 3 hours will have an initial hour charge and 2 charges for additional hours.

Radiation treatments and diagnostic testing are billed for each service that is provided. A radiation treatment that is performed on 5 different dates of service will result in 5 separate charges.

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Inpatient Admissions-Hospital

Many inpatient services are paid by your insurance based upon a DRG basis. A DRG, or diagnostic related grouping, is how Medicare and some health insurance companies categorize hospitalization costs and determine how much to pay for a patient's hospital stay. The DRG is calculated from a combination of diagnoses and procedures that are specific to you during your hospital stay. DRG descriptions include CC and/or MCC. CC is a complication or chronic disease. MCC is a major complication or chronic disease. The information available in the link is the average charge amounts for services based upon common grouping related to a specific illness. This can provide you with an estimate of what an inpatient hospital stay could cost. Below are examples; please refer to "Inpatient Admissions" for a more extensive list.

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